Human Resources Development envisages the growth of the individual in tandem with the organization and aims to achieve synchronization in a bid to attain the goals set out. It also aims at the upliftment of the individual by ensuring an environment that enables him to develop his capabilities and optimize his performance. The organization, on its part, will endeavor to tap individual talents and through various initiatives, ingrain in its human resources, a sense of job satisfaction that will, with time, percolate down the line.

To attract and retain the best available talent. 
To make available, resources for effectively executing projects.    
To provide employees with adequate opportunity for growth and career development.    
Succession planning.    
To optimize utilization of human resources and tap their latent potential.    
To recognize and reward employees’ contribution to the growth of the organization.    
To provide training and development to the employees for their professional & personal
Ω To create a work atmosphere and develop a work culture which is conducive for achievement of excellence, total quality management
 and productivity.
To develop a spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie among employees.      
To promote and maintain fair and harmonious employee - employer relations.      
To provide an opportunity for sharing of relevant information between employer - employees for effective involvement of staff at all
Ω To ensure that the Company attracts and retains the best talent available.      
Ω To meet the Company’s manpower requirements in terms of necessary skills, qualifications, competencies, attitudes, values and
 experience for effective execution of projects.
Ω To provide for a smooth succession of critical skills.      

The most important element of the work life is the work culture. We promote a culture, which is a blend of innovation, performance, technology, reward, fun, trust and openness. Our vision, beliefs, values, performance appraisal systems and reward and recognition systems are instrumental in helping us achieve the desired culture.

The true reflection of our work culture may be seen in the values that we live by:

Ω At the workplace we treat each employee with dignity, trust and respect.
Ω We firmly believe that an open culture and a participative style of management works well for us.
Ω We believe in being impartial and unbiased and we recruit people based on merit, reward people based on performance & promote people based on ability.
Ω We will always have a close regard and concern for the welfare of our people and their families.

Aqua Omega Services Pvt. Ltd.’s philosophy is rooted in the growth and development of its employees through training. We believe that training and employee development not only acts as a way to attract and retain employees but also provides competitive advantage by strengthening the knowledge and skill base of the company.

The company has a comprehensively formulated training policy. Employees regularly undergo external training on a wide range of skill development, self-development and management development areas.